Criminal injuries compensation authority applications

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a body set up by the government to compensate victims of any crime of violence. It makes financial awards to those who have suffered physical and psychological injury caused by a criminal offence committed against them.

In some instances, CICA will also take into account past and future lost earnings or financial losses suffered, and compensate the victim accordingly. Victims of domestic abuse may also be entitled to pursue a claim.

There are some special considerations about CICA claims:

  • the general rule is that you must apply to CICA within 2 years of the sexual abuse /assault, although it is possible to persuade CICA to waive this time limit
  • it is necessary to demonstrate that you have reported your abuse to the police and cooperated with all police investigations
  • it is not necessary that criminal proceedings against your abuser are instigated or that your abuser is convicted, so long as their conduct can be shown on a balance of probabilities, to have occurred
  • if you have criminal convictions it is likely that any award made to you will be reduced
  • the sum you are awarded is based on a tariff systems and depends on the number of abusers / attackers, the length of time the abuse went on for, and the effect of it on your physical and mental health
  • the maximum award you can expect to receive from CICA is £500,000
  • if you are awarded compensation from CICA, and subsequently succeed in a civil claim, you will have to reimburse CICA for any monies received from CICA

how can we help?

We have considerable experience in dealing with CICA claims based on historic sexual abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence.

We can help you complete your application to the CICA.We also regularly keep in touch with the CICA to see how a claim is progressing and can help you apply for an interim award (a payment in advance of the final award) in appropriate cases. If we do not think CICA has offered you enough compensation we will not hesitate to recommend your case is reviewed by CICA, and ultimately appealed to the tribunal.

what do I do next?

If you think you may be entitled to pursue a criminal injuries compensation claim and would like some further advice please contact us or complete the online enquiry form , and we will be happy to discuss the matter with you on an informal (no charge) basis.