How it all works

If you have not reported your abuse to the police, it is likely we will recommend you do this as soon as possible. We can assist you in making initial contact with the right police station and support you in your complaint and any subsequent criminal proceedings.

We will immediately address any time limit problems if necessary. We will then gather as much evidence as possible. This may involve asking for a copy of all relevant police statements, your social services records, your GP and counselling records, and interviewing any witnesses. This will inform our 'letter of claim' which is the first notification to any potential defendant of the nature of and reasons for your claim, explaining why they are liable. After three months the defendant will need to respond with whether or not they accept they are responsible for the harm caused to you.

To substantiate how your abuse has affected you, we will arrange for you to be seen by a suitably qualified doctor, who will prepare a report. We will also prepare a document setting out your financial losses which we say are caused by your abuse. We may have a meeting with a barrister.

If your opponent is not willing to resolve your claim, court proceedings will be issued. However most abuse claims settle 'out of court' and it is rare for claims to go all the way to a full trial before a judge.