At Emmott Snell Solicitors we are proud to represent those who have suffered injustice. Our team is dedicated to representing victims or survivors of unlawful or negligent acts or conduct, in civil actions.

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers Accreditation Audit: "The practice has made a most valuable contribution to protecting the rights of abused victims and obtaining appropriate redress"

If you have suffered an assault or injury, we can advise you on whether you have a civil claim, and assist you in securing proper recognition and redress. The most usual outcome for a successful civil claim is an award of financial compensation. While we recognize the limitations of this outcome it can serve as important validation of injustices committed. The civil legal process can facilitate recovery, restitution, and some closure.

We offer a bespoke holistic service, offering the highest level of client care, referral to appropriate support agencies, and the best possible legal outcome. We have extensive experience and expertise in a breadth of civil compensation claims, and have an individual approach to every client. Our approach is unique.

We will be happy to discuss any potential claim on an informal - and no charge basis - if only to advise you on your possible options. We assure you of our approachability, sensitive approach and absolute confidentiality, so please contact us.

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