2.07.12 Claims by victims of deceased Chichester vicar's abuse settle out of court

This firm has successfully represented 5 survivors of appauling abuse by Reverend Roy Cotton, a now deceased Church of England vicar. Over the past 12 - 18 months damages awards of 5 and 6 figure sums have been agreed with legal representatives for the Diocese of Chichester. In all cases liability was admitted by the Church of England's lawyers, and no points were taken on the fact that the victims' claims were in law, decades 'out of time'. In some cases verbal apologies were issued by high office holders of the Chichester Diocese. Tracey Emmott comments 'While such awards will never give back my clients' ruined childhoods, or truly represent the harm they have suffered into adult life, they reflect some measure of the severity of the abuse and the time over which each victim was abused by this serial paedophile'.