Reasons to pursue

Successful sexual abuse claims result in the award of damages or compensation. While this can never put back the clock, it is an important validation that you have been wronged.

Many clients see the civil process as one in which they get formal recognition for what has happened to them. Payment of compensation can be seen as a form of an admission of guilt.

The nature of abuse is that it often remains suppressed for many years. Victims of abusers are often silenced by threats from their abuser, or by the guilt and shame associated with the abuse. The civil process is a way of 'speaking out'. Many people who embrace the civil process see it as a form of catharsis, and an important step in their recovery.

It is also about making the transition from 'victim' to 'survivor' ? it can be about taking control of the effects of abuse and over the abuser, which may be empowering.

Compensation can be used for expensive counselling or cognitive treatment for the abuse, not readily available on the NHS.

Failure to remove claims, often brought by the Official Solicitor, can lead to improved social work standards and practices, and ultimately to ensure better child protection.