Success Stories

We have been involved in a number of high profile cases and have recovered substantial damages in some cases, on occasion reaching 6 figure sums. We are recognised experts in our field with a successful track record and above all we pride ourselves on our expert, caring and sensitive approach. Please see details of recent successfully concluded cases below:

March 2017: abuse by choir master, an apology and compensation achieved.
Mr B whose family were parishioners and who attended regular Sunday services with his parents at a rural Church of England church was abused by an organist and choir master as an adolescent. In his forties he felt strong enough to report the abuse to the police. His perpetrator was charged but was declared unfit to stand trial after one appearance at the magistrates’ court. Nonetheless Mr B succeeded in pursuing the relevant Diocese of Church of England, and was awarded compensation of a 5 figure sum and importantly, a formal written apology from the Bishop.

December 2016: After sustaining a psychological injury alone, Mr ‘P’ receives in excess of £29,500 compensation from her employers.
Emmott Snell Solicitors are pleased to have obtained compensation for Mr P, who at the time of his accident was a Plant Operative at a local food waste recycling plant.
It was alleged Mr P’s employers were liable for his injuries due to unsafe equipment and working practices. Liability was accepted at an early stage leaving Emmott Snell to deal with obtaining medical evidence and preparing a schedule of Mr P’s out of pocket expenses. Following negotiations the defendant's solicitors were persuaded to increase on their original offer to damages in excess of £29,000 which Mr P was happy to accept.
Emmott Snell Solicitors are pleased to note that Mr P found the overall quality of Emmott Snell’s services as being 'excellent'.

December 2016: Mr J receives compensation following an accident at work.
Mr J a Head Chef suffered soft tissue injuries to his left shoulder as a result of being struck on his left shoulder by a stainless steel panel which had fallen from a suspended ceiling causing him pain and discomfort. Mr J contacted Emmott Snell Solicitors who forwarded a detailed letter of claim to his employers alleging negligence on their part. Mr J’s employer denied liability. A supportive medical report was obtained and Mr J’s claim was registered at court. Following some negotiation an out of court settlement was reached.

Mr J said that he was very satisfied with the outcome of his case describing the team at Emmott Snell Solicitors as ‘friendly and efficient’ , a firm that he would ‘highly recommend.

November 2016: Male passenger in a works van secures in excess of £17,500 damages.
Mr G sustained soft tissue injury to his back, ligament damage to his knee, facial and arm lacerations and a dental injury when he was involved in a road traffic accident in July 2015. The driver’s insurance company admitted liability. Medical evidence was obtained and an offer of damages was put forward. The first offer was considered too low and after some negotiation the insurer was persuaded to increase on this and settlement was reached which was satisfactory to Mr G.

Mr G said: "I am very satisfied, a good and friendly service".

July 2016: Victim of abuse in local authority children’s homes wins case.
Emmott Snell Solicitors represented Ms X in a claim against a local authority for sexual abuse by a number of male care workers whilst she was in various children’s homes under a care order. Only one of her abusers was convicted but he appealed his sentence and was acquitted. She suffered complex post traumatic stress disorder, an emotionally unstable personality disorder and anorexia nervosa. She was academically capable but underperformed at school due to her abuse, which impacted her earnings' potential. The local authority denied liability throughout. Following the issue and service of proceedings an out of court settlement of £60,000 was achieved.

February 2016: Victim of Bishop George Bell receives apology and compensation.
We acted for ‘Carol’ who received a formal apology from the current Bishop of Chichester Martin Warner for abuse she suffered at the hands of Bishop George Bell (deceased 1958) when she was a young child. She had reported the abuse to the then Bishop of Chichester in 1995 but was advised to seek pastoral support from her local vicar. She was finally ‘heard’ in 2013 when the current Archbishop Justin Welby responded to her correspondence, which ultimately led to the apology and compensation.

December 2015: Victims of prestigious schools' abuse win compensation.
We acted for former pupils of Westminster Cathedral Choir School and Ampleforth who were sexually abused by a house master and teacher David Lowe whilst pupils at these prestigious schools. Lowe was convicted of indecent assault offences against 10 victims at Southwark Crown Court in 2015 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Our clients pursued Westminster Cathedral Choir School and Ampleforth which joined David Lowe into the proceedings. The claims were resolved successfully at a mediation, the settlement sum exceeding £135,000.

States of Jersey Historic Abuse Redress Scheme.
We represented a number of victims who suffered sexual or physical abuse in Haut de la Garenne and other children’s homes in Jersey in negotiations with the States of Jersey in setting up a compensation scheme, and negotiating settlements from between £5,000 and £60,000.

September 2014: Mr 'Z' recovers damages in excess of £29,000 following an accident at work.

Mr 'Z' an undertaker suffered a bilateral hernia as a result of heavy lifting during the course of his employment which required surgery. Emmott Snell Solicitors forwarded a letter of claim to the claimant's employers alleging negligence and breach of statutory duty. Following a period of investigation the claimant's employers admitted liability through their insurers. Medical evidence was obtained and a detailed schedule of the claimant's losses prepared. Emmott Snell Solicitors successfully persuaded the insurers to increase on their original offer securing an award in excess of £29,000.

The claimant commented :

"We were very pleased with the standard and service we received, many thanks".

March 2014: JC v CICA (case reported in APIL PI Focus July 2014).

Our client was awarded £244,950 including tariff, band 17, to reflect severe childhood abuse by his step-father and step-brother incorporating a moderate/permanent disabling illness.

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March 2014: CICA award secured for victim of an unprovoked attack.

Mr A, a student was walking to meet a friend when he was violently attacked with a glass bottle. As a result of the attack Mr A suffered facial scarring and nerve damage. Emmott Snell Solicitors were pleased to assist Mr A in his application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and successfully secured an award in excess of £11,000.

March 2014: Emmott Snell Solicitors obtained a five figure settlement for a local lady who tripped whilst shopping in a well-known High Street store.

Our client, Mrs P, was walking in the store when she tripped on a plinth protruding from a display stand causing her to be thrown forwards and landing heavily on the floor sustaining a fractured right femur. As a result of the fall Mrs P required a total hip replacement. Following a site visit to the store Emmott Snell solicitors forwarded a letter of claim alleging negligence and/or breach of statutory duty. The store's legal representatives admitted liability. Expert medical evidence was obtained from an orthopaedic surgeon. Following service of the medical evidence and details of our client's financial expenses an offer of settlement was received which was satisfactory to the claimant.

We at Emmott Snell Solicitors are pleased to note that Mrs P marked our services as "excellent" in all areas in her client satisfaction questionnaire.

November 2013: Sevenoaks School settles abuse case out of court

This firm represented 'XY', in a civil claim arising from sexual abuse by Gerd Sommerhof, a high profile teacher between 1976 and 1983. XY brought his legal case after years of torment and attempts to 'bury' it, but it was the Saville scandal that finally gave him the courage to report it. Although his abuser had died, XY was successful in recovering a not insignificant sum of damages for his assaults and associated losses.

To see the Sevenoaks Chronicle article click here

February 2013: Compensation for lady injured whilst a passenger in a car involved in a road traffic accident

Mrs X was a front seat passenger in a car being driven by a family member when a car being driven by the defendant encroached into their lane causing a collision. As a result of the accident our Mrs X suffered minor soft tissue injuries and anxiety when travelling by car. Mrs X contacted Emmott Snell Solicitors who following an admission of liability from the defendant's insurers obtained medical evidence and settled the claim on Mrs X's behalf in a sum exceeding £1,400.

Mrs X comments,
"Thank you for your kindness and help".

February 2013: "JGE" against Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth - Supreme Court refuses Church permission to appeal Court of Appeal judgement.

This firm represents Miss JGE in a claim against the Portsmouth Diocese arising from alleged sexual assaults as a child by Father Baldwin (deceased). The Church claimed that on a technicality it could not be held legally responsible because there was no formal employment relationship with their priest.
In November 2011 the High Court found that the Church was responsible for the sexual misbehaviour of Baldwin. In May 2012 the Church challenged this decision to the Court of Appeal but lost again. The Court refused permission to take the case further to the Supreme Court, but the Church applied anyway.
The Supreme Court has refused the church the right to appeal. This is a historic decision, putting an end to this defence by the Church. It is now clear law that a bishop can be held legally responsible for child abuse. To see this story click here.

January 2013: Miss X receives four figure sum following an accident at work.

Emmott Snell Solicitors are pleased to have obtained compensation for Miss X a team leader for a major supermarket chain who suffered a foot injury after being struck by an electric pump truck being handled by a colleague in careless and negligent manner.

Miss X sustained a crush injury and fracture to her right foot. It was alleged that Miss X's employers were liable for the acts of their employees. Liability was accepted at an early stage leaving Emmott Snell to deal with obtaining medical evidence, preparing a schedule of Miss X's out of pocket expenses. Following some negotiation the defendant's solicitors were persuaded to increase on their initial offer to damages in excess of £5,000 which Miss X was happy to accept.

December 2012: Ms S recovers damages for sexual assault by NHS worker

Ms S instructed this firm to represent her in pursuing a claim against an NHS Foundation in respect of assaults committed against her, by a staff nurse while she was a patient in a mental health hospital. We argued that there was sufficiently close connection between the NHS employee's duties and the assaults committed upon Ms S so as to impose legal responsibilty on the Trust. In a criminal trial the employee was found guilty of sexual offences against Ms S. Medical evidence by way of a report from a psychiatrist was obtained. Although the Trust formally denied liability an out of court settlement in a five-figure sum was eventually reached.

December 2012: Man receives damages for unlawful arrest and detention.
Mr X was awarded £2,750 after being arrested, handcuffed, and taken to a police station where he was detained for twenty five hours before being produced before magistrates who ordered his immediate release. During his time in custody Mr X was anxious, confused and upset. He was offered no explanation as to why he was being held in custody save for a routine PNC check had showed an outstanding warrant which later turned out to be an administrative error. Mr X contacted Emmott Snell Solicitors who obtained his custody records, spoke with the duty solicitor who represented him at the Magistrates Court and forwarded a detailed letter of claim to the Chief Constable of the relevant force. Following an investigation by the police an offer was made to settle Mr X's claim in the sum of £2,750.

Mr X commented "very satisfied indeed".

June 2012: Child receives damages from MIB following road traffic accident.

Miss N who was nine years old at the relevant time sustained a seat-belt injury to her chest when she was involved in a head on road traffic accident in December 2008. Miss N sustained chest pain and bruising which resolved within four weeks and some psychological injury which continued to trouble her for eight weeks in the form of nightmares and reluctance to travel in a car. The defendant driver was subsequently convicted of driving without due care and attention and without insurance. In the circumstances the Motor Insurers Bureau agreed to deal with the claim. An offer of damages was put forward by the MIB which were considered too low. Proceedings were issued and the claim eventually settled for £900. This settlement was recently approved at an Infant Settlement Hearing.

May 2012: Child passenger receives over £1000 following minor physical and psychological injury in a car accident.

Master Y who was 4 at the time of the accident, and travelling as a rear seat passenger (in a child seat and wearing a seat-belt) in a vehicle suffered injury in a head on collision. He sustained bruising to the abdomen as a result of the seat-belt impact together with a mild to moderate psychological injury including symptoms of quietness, sleep disturbance and travel anxiety. He improved significantly over the year following the accident.

Emmott Snell Solicitors obtained a quick denial of the liability from the third party driver's insurers. Detailed medical evidence was obtained dealing with his physical and psychological injuries on Master Y's home life, recreational and sporting activities and education.

Following negotiation quantum was eventually agreed in the sum of £1,200. This sum has recently been approved by a District Judge at an Infant Approval Hearing.

April 2012: Sibling group recover damages from local authority for failing to remove them from their abusive family home.

We represented 3 children who remained in chronically neglected and abusive conditions, for at least 2 years 'too long', had social services acted competently. A High Court Master approved proposed 'out of court settlements' made by the relevant local authority totalling more than £50,000.

March 2012: Victim of abuse by staff in a special needs residential home recovers damages.

Mr Y was sexually and physically abused by house wardens in a home for children with special needs in 1970s. We secured a five figure sum for him in compensation from insurers of the owners of the home.

February 2012: 17 year old moped rider from Bedford receives damages award of £4,000 following collision with car.

Mr M suffered a fracture to his left elbow when he was struck by a car at night. This firm was pleased to be able to assist Mr M in securing a quick acceptance of liability and damages of £4,000.

January 2012: Mrs X, a mother of three from Bedford receives compensation for injuries following a collision with a learner driver on a roundabout.

Our client suffered whiplash injuries in an accident caused by a learner driver switching lanes on a roundabout colliding into the rear of her vehicle.The claim was fiercely contested until the day before trial, when the defendant's insurers made an offer of settlement of just over £4,300.

January 2012: Miss LD settles head injury claim against Tescos after collision with defective automatic door.

In March 2011 Miss LD was entering the store's entrance through the automatic door. As she entered the door mechanism failed causing it to stop suddenly and hitting Miss LD in the face. Miss LD was immediately shocked and distressed and bleeding from her nose and mouth. As a result of ongoing pain in her nose she returned to the Ear Nose and Throat clinic of the hospital a week later where she was provided with appropriate medication.

Emmott Snell Solicitors represented her on a no win no fee basis, and was pleased to achieve damages of £2,500 including a sum for her pain and suffering and out of pocket expenses.

January 2011: 'CV v CICAP'

We successfully achieved over £80,000 for our client on appeal from the the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. The applicant was the victim of sexual abuse by a neighbour in 1986 - 1989, who was convicted of sexual offences at Luton Crown Court in December 2006.

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