Accidents on pavements, in shops and public places

If you have been injured in trip or slip on a pavement, shop or a public place, we may be able to assist you to pursue a claim.

If you have had an accident and suffered injury through no fault of your own in a public place such as a supermarket, park, school, restaurant or leisure centre you may be able to claim compensation for personal injuries. In addition to this claims can be made for any financial losses including:
? Lost earnings
? Cost of treatment/rehabilitation/therapy
? Medication
? Travelling costs to medical appointments
? Care (even if provided by family and friends)
? Miscellaneous items such as damaged clothing

The owners or occupiers of public places have a legal responsibility to minimise the risk of accidents to those who visit their premises. Typically these accidents include:
? Slips
? Trips
? Being struck by falling objects
? Bites from dogs or other animals
If you have suffered an injury in a public place contact us directly to discuss your potential claim with a member of our team. Whilst you have three years to register your claim at court (from the date of the accident) it is vital to collect evidence, such as photographs of the defect as soon as possible as this may not be available at a later date.

We at Emmott Snell Solicitors have dealt with a number of cases of claims in this complex area of personal injury law ranged from low to high value. You can rest assured that no matter how serious your injury or how difficult your claim we will offer you the fullest advice and personal service provided by our dedicated and sympathetic team who will strive not only to win your case but to fight for the best possible settlement.

Recent successes:

March 2014: Emmott Snell Solicitors obtained a five figure settlement for a local lady who tripped whilst shopping in a well-known High Street store.

Our client, Mrs P, was walking in the store when she tripped on a plinth protruding from a display stand causing her to be thrown forwards and landing heavily on the floor sustaining a fractured right femur. As a result of the fall Mrs P required a total hip replacement. Following a site visit to the store Emmott Snell solicitors forwarded a letter of claim alleging negligence and/or breach of statutory duty. The store's legal representatives admitted liability. Expert medical evidence was obtained from an orthopaedic surgeon. Following service of the medical evidence and details of our client's financial expenses an offer of settlement was received which was satisfactory to the claimant.

We at Emmott Snell Solicitors are pleased to note that Mrs P marked our services as "excellent" in all areas in her client satisfaction questionnaire.

January 2012: Miss LD settles head injury claim against Tescos after collision with defective automatic door.

In March 2011 Miss LD was entering the store's entrance through the automatic door. As she entered the door mechanism failed causing it to stop suddenly and hitting Miss LD in the face. Miss LD was immediately shocked and distressed and bleeding from her nose and mouth. As a result of ongoing pain in her nose she returned to the Ear Nose and Throat clinic of the hospital a week later where she was provided with appropriate medication.

Emmott Snell Solicitors represented her on a no win no fee basis, and was pleased to achieve damages of £2,500 including a sum for her pain and suffering and out of pocket expenses.