Uninsured driver's claims

If you have been involved in a claim involving an uninsured driver, we may be able to assist you to pursue a claim.

If you think that you may have a claim or even if you are not sure please contact us on 01234 360140 or complete the online enquiry form. At a free informal initial consultation which can be held either over the telephone or in person we will discuss with you the circumstances surrounding your accident and injury, answer any questions you may have and advise as to whether in our opinion you have a legitimate personal injury claim with reasonable prospects of success.

Unlike some lawyers we are willing to take on those claims that are not straightforward and may carry some risks. If we do take your case on we shall quickly start the personal injury process and endeavour to expedite your claim, seeking maximum compensation for you.

Recent successes:

June 2012: Child receives damages from MIB following road traffic accident.

Miss N who was nine years old at the relevant time sustained a seatbelt injury to her chest when she was involved in a head on road traffic accident in December 2008. Miss N sustained chest pain and bruising which resolved within four weeks and some psychological injury which continued to trouble her for eight weeks in the form of nightmares and reluctance to travel in a car. The defendant driver was subsequently convicted of driving without due care and attention and without insurance. In the circumstances the Motor Insurers Bureau agreed to deal with the claim. An offer of damages was put forward by the MIB which were considered too low. Proceedings were issued and the claim eventually settled for £900. This settlement was recently approved at an Infant Settlement Hearing.